My Perfectly Imperfect Start

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Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve decided to join the realm of bloggers to share my passion of creating art.  There’s something about capturing a moment, emotion, or concept and making it into something interesting that excites me.

It took me a while to get here.  My nerves gnawed at me as I wondered what I’d write and how it would be received.  I’m perfectly great when it comes to formulating ideas about what topics to cover, but when I get in front of a computer I tend to draw a blank.  How do I get my message out in the PERFECT way?  And that is exactly what has held me back, until now.  Here is me, starting my blog, imperfectly.

This blog will follow my creative process, since that is my favorite part about art!  Since I just finished a piece, though, I’ll start by talking about it.  This is my latest piece titled Abstract Flowers.


I was walking through a garden one day last summer and spotted these flowers just soaking up the sun.  I enjoyed how they all seemed to be at different stages of growth.  Some were fully bloomed, while others were still forming within their sprouts.  Together they made an appealing scene.  When I finally had time to sit down and do something with the picture, I realized that the flowers are not unlike people within a society.  We are all in our own situations, learning and growing to be better in ourselves and in the different roles we play.  Together, we function and make up the society we live in, the scene that others see when they look at us.  I  can only hope they would see something as beautiful as the flowers.

You can find this and my other pieces in my shop, Igotchu Images. Here is where I make my inspirational art available.  I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think.

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